1980's Horror Movie Trivia

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01. Who was the main character in Sleepaway Camp (1983)?

02. In The Evil Dead (1981) Who gets possessed first?

03. In Hell raiser (1987) Who is Julia to Kirsty?

04. Who Directed City of the Living Dead (1980)?

05. In the Movie The Shining (1980) what was Jack Torrance's Profession before his alcoholism took over?

06. In the Movie Cat's Eye what was it that Dick Morrison was trying to Quit in the segment Quitters Inc.?

07. In the 1981 film The Boogens what was the Boogens?

08. In Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter what was the name of the song Crispin Glover (Jimmy) was dancing to and what artist?

09. What was the Little Boy's name in Cujo (1983)?

10. What Famous Horror Actor was not in House of the Long Shadows (1983)?

11. Who was the Head Vampire in The Lost Boys (1987)?

12. In the Film Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984) what was it that put Billy in an orphanage?

13. What was the Killers Job at the camp before he got burned in The Burning (1981)?

14. What was killing people at the mall in the movie Chopping Mall (1986)?

15. Who directed the movie 976-EVIL (1989)?

16. What was the Family name in the movie Pet Sematary?

17. Who was the Killer in the Film My Bloody Valentine (1981) after the Harry Warden Murders?

18. In Friday the 13th (1980) who was the first to be Killed?

19. In the Movie Night of the Comet (1984), How did you survive?

20. What causes the people to turn into Zombies in the Film Night of the Creeps (1986)?

21. What Was Ash's Last name in the Evil Dead Series?

22. What was the Stuff in the Movie The Stuff (1985)?

23. Who was not a Character in the Movie Day of the Dead (1985)?

24. Who was the Best Director in the 1980s?

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