Halloween (Movie) Trivia

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01. Name the killer in the movie?
02. What is Laurie's Last Name?
03. How did the killer, kill his siter?
04. What is the name of the Killer's sister who dies?
05. Who is the Killer's doc?
06. What age was the killer when he escaped?
07. Who's daughter was killed?
08. Who was Annie's boyfriend?
09. What is the name of the ity where the killer goes?
10. Name the boy Laurie babysat?
11. In Halloween what was Mr. Strode's profession?
12. Of the Halloween movies, which movie does not feature Michael Myers?
13. As of Halloween 8, how many actors are CREDITED with playing the part of Michael Myers?
14. Which installment is the last we see of Dr. Sam Loomis?
15. How many of the Halloween movies did John Carpenter direct?
16. Who is credited as Michael Myers (adult) in the very first Halloween?
17. The Halloween music score is credited to what group?
18. How many children did Laurie Strode have?
19. In Halloween II how many times does Dr. Loomis shoot Michael?
20. What is the address of the Myers house?
21. In Halloween II, when Michael enters the elderly couple's home what movie is on TV?
22. What is Michael Myers' middle name?
23. In Halloween we see a young Michael kill his sister Judith. Who does Jamie stab in Halloween 4/5?
24. How old is the adult Michael Myers in the first installment of the series?
25. How old is Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 5?

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