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Horror Movie Trivia

01. In what movie does the killer wear an owls head?
02. In Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter how does Tommy's mom die?
03. What Friday the 13th movie has the most nudity?
04. In Texas Chainsaw Massacre who's grave were they going to visit?
05. Johnny Depp had his acting debut in which of these horror movies?
06. In Child's Play Chucky was given as a ___________ present.
07. What/Who inspired the character of Freddy?
08. Drew Barrymore plays which character in Scream?
09. "He's a bad man...he's a really bad man..." is said about which character?
10. Which year was Halloween released?
11. Which character killed people in their dreams?
12. In Halloween Resurrection which rap star played a character who battled Michael Myers?
13. What movie had the famous line "do you like scary movies?"
14. In what movie, if you watch a certain video you'll die in 7 days?
15. In what movie trilogy did the actress who played the main character die part way through the making of the third one?
16. In what horror flick did the survivors hide out in a mall?
17. Which horror movie character is a serial killer possessing a doll?
18. What was the name of the killer clown in Stephen King's "IT"?
19. Which movie starred an actress who also played a slayer at one time?
20. In what movie do people visit a website and then die shortly after?

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