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01. In the beginning Peter is conducting his experiment. Who does Peter keep shocking, the male subject or the female subject?

02. What does the male subject answer correctly?

03. In the final battle scene right after Gozer appears, they ask Ray if he is a god. How does Ray respond when Gozer asks him if he is a god?

04. Who says this? "Ray, when someone asks you if you're a god you say yes!"

05. In the final battle scene between Gozer and the Ghostbusters who picks the destroyer?

06. What is the destroyer?

07. Who is the Gatekeeper?

08. Who is the Keymaster? 09. Do the Ghostbusters ever cross the streams?

10. Which Ghostbuster does the secretary Janine like?

11. Finish this line : 'We got the tools, we got the talent ________ ' ?

12. What does the graffiti written on the Ghostbusters lab door say in the beginning of the film?

13. In Dana's building Ray asks "Hey...where do these stairs go?" Venkman answers: _________________ ?

14. When Janine and Egon are discussing interests, what does Egon say his hobby is?

15. What Saint did the Librarian's uncle think he was?

16.In one of their early meetings in the movie, Dana Barrett tells Dr. Venkman, 'you don't act like a scientist.' Her next line is _________ ?

17. What does Louis Tully shout as he runs from the horse and carriage?

18. How much did the Ghostbusters charge the Sedgewick Hotel for 'entrapment, proton charging, and storage of the beast'?

19. What time was Venkman supposed to meet the girl from the experiment?

20. The Ghostbusters drive a former _____________ ?

21. What are Ray and Egon munching on during their first encounter with Dana?

22. Where was Gozer 'very big'?

23. Where did the guy, who got in the taxi, ask the decomposed ghost taxi-driver to take him?

24. What restaurant was Louis Tully standing outside of when he was attacked by one of Gozer's demon dogs?

25. What salary did Winston receive as a Ghostbuster?

26. What is Dana Barrett's apartment number?

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